Achievement Story of Mohanar, a launched child labor

Every month Microsoft. Kastuvi (53) from Kanchipuram relates to the RIDE office to pay back the loan she and her family members once received with the help of RIDE. The support of RIDE emerged at the right time for Microsoft. Kastuvi and helped to change the upcoming path of her daughters.

Ms. Kastuvi comes from a family of weavers, weaving the Man made fiber Sarees for which Kanchipuram is so well-known. In the 1990s RIDE published the survey reporting that over 40, 500 children were working in the weaving cloth industries in and around Kanchipuram. It had been then RIDE director S. Jeyaraj and his wife Britto who went to visit weaver families to try to convince them to send their children to college, rather than allowing them to work. RIDE argued that education can turn to sustainable improvements of life conditions. In addition RIDE provided a loan progam to those families who else cooperated, to compensate the loss of income, assist pay off their debts and be used towards school fees and costs.

Ms. Kastuvi’s daughter Mohanar (now aged 25) any of these released children. This is her story: Unfortunately, Mohanar failed in the 6th Standard (class) at the age of 11. Her mother, Ms. Kastuvi, who has 3rd Standard
degree herself, and her family decided to take their daughter out of school so that the girl could contribute to the family’s earnings. She took up the role of supporting her parents as they place, sitting under the loom for hours at a time.

One day RIDE reached the family’s house and informed Mohanar and her parents how important good education is, especially for a girl. The argument of a long-term success of her daughter’s education and the possibility to receive a loan convinced Microsoft. Kastuvi and her husband to deliver their daughter back to school.

After 2 years in child labor, Mohanar went back to the government school and finished 12th Standard. Recently she was able to achieve her degree in Bachelor of Computer Science. Microsoft. Kastuvi believes that the successful education of her daughter is a direct consequence of RIDE’s effort in child labor eradication.

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