TRIP – A home for children

Today we are proud to mention one of the new projects RIDE is usually aiming for. From the beginning of November this year we would like to open a “Children Home” next to RIDE’s education center in Arpakkam. This institution will give house to about 10 to 15 orphans between age of 7 and 16 who don’t have a home or any relatives. The children belong to the surrounding villages of Arpakkam and some of them do already know RIDE through the “Child Labor Camps”. There will be one particular coordinator who is going to care about plus live together with the children. Food is going to be provided three times a day as well as a resting place and some basic materials. After a one year pilot phase of the task, the goal is to integrate the children into RIDE’s educational program from Arpakkam.
The financial resources to get realizing this project have been partly raised through the “Love to Learn 300″ project at betterplace. org. Thanks a lot again to all donors who have managed to get possible to improve the living circumstances of some of the poorest children in the area of Kanchipuram. As there have been currently 70% of the project funded, we would like to enourage you to fill up the remaining economic gap in order to reach 100% funding. Every small donation is desired!

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