Our Activities


Activities in India
Based in Bangalore, India, OLAL India Secretariat is engaged in activities such as the following.

● workshops for children to learn the rights and responsibilities of children and child labor problem, do a photo shoot to capture the current state of child labor
● photo exhibition held for the purpose of raising awareness on child labor issues

Carried out on an ongoing basis “commitment to social rehabilitation by artistic means”, which is one of the mission of OLAL “school”, Bornfree Art School International (BASI) is, by OLAL India secretariat staff from was established. Along with that, the activities of OLAL India Secretariat, was carried over to BASI.



Activities in Japan

Based in Tokyo, Japan, OLAL Japan office is carrying out activities such as the following.

● through events such as photo exhibition in Japan, to raise awareness and stimulate public opinion on the Rights of the Child and child labor problem
● cooperation with other organizations to address the child labor problem in Japan
● cooperation to OLAL activities in India



Introduction of child photographer

I will introduce the child photographer who shot the photo.
All, they are children who participated in the workshop to do a photo shoot that OLAL was conducted.

In the workshop of this OLAL, to learn the rights and responsibilities of children and child labor problem, children will practice how to handle the camera. Then, take a picture that captures the current state of child labor out into the towns and villages and living their own, we have appealed to civil society the child labor problem by the photo.

Antony (Antony)
You can quit school in the third grade, his 14-year-old today, worked to sell the thing two years in a small stall. After that, it grows in such a way as to study hostel for working children that Apusa on the recommendation of grandmother (NGO), has passed the state test of the Grade 7. Then, because it was told to work as soon as he got home, it was about a year the work of the sign writing. Then, by being taken to the friends, and now go to (BAS) Born Free Art School, and has been working as the lead drummer in the BAS. I believe that future, he would like to become a professional drummer and teacher of dance. I was talking to “. You want to give the opportunity to learn to children who come from the street like me”. (As of April 2006)
Arun (Arun)
13-year-old. Grade 8. Activity in the United Artists. It has received its first OLAL workshop in April 2003, and has been taking pictures since then. I took a picture City Market, Shiwajinagaru, MG Road, in Ediyuru. Until you take pictures, I did not know the camera or what, but he began to use perfectly SLR By the time the workshop has been completed. I was carried out diligently interviews with children and photography. After the interview, he became dark (sad) feeling for the reality that is strong that the children work. I’m taking the action is concerned with child labor problem, and take to school and talk to NGO working children themselves. (December 2004)
Divu~iya (Divya)
She is 17 years old, I’m looking for a high school entrance destination currently. I took a picture in Jainagaru and City Market. At the same time take a picture, it was explained eagerly that against employer, has the right to education, that children should not work. (As of December 2003)
Harishu (Harish)
He is 17 years old, PUC2 current grade. I took a picture in Thira Kana Girl and Bangalore station. Besides photography, through the interview, I learned that people are sending a tough life. Sometimes children who met in slum was so hungry, I gave some money. Children who fit into his camera, said to him, and I want to convey to the government the living conditions of their own. (December 2003)
Lakshmi (Lakshmi)
19 years old, she first year of college science. I took a picture in Ediyuru and Gandhi Bazaar. She went ready firmly supportive of the workshop. You told us that it was noticed that after the workshop, I can understand the deep inner human for the first time through the fellowship with people. (As of December 2003) 
Saruwana (Sarvana)
He is 18 years old, second-year student of the current PUC. His mother sells bananas on the street. I took a picture in Jainagaru and Ramanagaramu. Make an effort to take good pictures, I tried hard. While you are recording, I remember the experience that you have worked for four years from the time of grade 9. Small photographer of one person was born here. (December 2003)
Tarukeshu (Tharkesh)
14-year-old from Anekaru village. Fifth grade to the study, but I quit school because there was a problem at home. I worked half a year in the chicken shop uncle he is engaged. The work to wash the chicken, I was getting 25 rupees a day. Father unemployed in alcoholism. It brought to Jivu~ika teacher, you have to study together with his brother here. (December 2004)
Shantha Kumar (Shathkumar)
15 years old. I was working as a three-month debt slaves. Because her mother committed suicide, his father took him to the workplace. I worked in animal care, cleaning, even in silkworm factory. I have to study in seventh grade Jivu~ika now. Dream of the future to become a police officer. It says that he would like to eliminate from this country a debt slave to become a police officer. (December 2004) 

Introduction of NGO cooperation

Some of the children’s photographer, some children or belong to the NGO in India, to use the facilities of the NGO. The OLAL, you may want to hold a workshop in cooperation with NGO like this, children do a photo shoot.   In this section, we will introduce some of the NGO cooperation such.

You have activities in order to eliminate the caste system and debt slaves from Karnataka. The debt slave, it is forced to work next to nothing in order to the debt since the days of the ancestors, to repay it. To continue to the debt in order to feed their families. Therefore, you must work 12-13 hours a day (for example, without. Holiday to the debt of Rs.10000 rupees, a one-year debt slave can not be in people to get out of vicious circle of exploitation and its debt. Field of agriculture minimum wage stipulated in the so Rs 50 a day in fact, 15,000 rupees a salary if you 8 hours a day, and work 300 days a year. However, since the a debt already 10000 rupees, and pay it back there is a law called.) debt slave laws that have to work in order to, but Jivu~ika is lobbying the government for not working.

United Artists (The Artists United)
Professional artists bring together, is a group to address social issues through art. We are focusing on the child labor problem in particular to believe that you have the power to change society and art, sculpture, theater, dance, music, painting, photography, such as through a movie. The majority of the participants are children and young people go to schools and colleges, among children who are or have worked in the past, with the experience that was living on the streets, children are working as domestic workers today (school are also attended to), children who recover from drug addiction are also participating.

Children who are in Jivu~ika are children or have been forced to work as debt slaves once worked. It is provided with a bridge course to use the materials Jivu~ika own so as to return to a regular school. In addition, on April 30, 2004, children of Jivu~ika launch organization called “(Association to protect the rights of Makkala Hakkugala Lakshana Vidike child) McCullough, Hakkugara-Rakushana-Vu~idike”.(Meaning of “celebration of people” Janothsava,) Jenotosavu~a
Group and let’s change the society through art based in Bangalore.

“Legend” campaign and “heritage of working children”

■ “legend” campaign and “heritage of working children” and (OLAL) isWith the aim of a world without child labor through the “photo”, in April 2003, OLAL is based in Japan and India. The name of OLAL, negative legacy handed down from ancestors (Legacies), that is to free yourself from the difficulty, children who are bound in an environment that was born and debt of cash to parents and poverty, rights should have as a child desire to go produce (Legends) and a new legend, build history to win is put.

■ vision and mission of OLALOLAL aims to society that allows child labor is eliminated, the rights of children are protected, children and adults respect each other together. To that end, children themselves know about children’s rights and issues of child labor, OLAL does attempt “empowerment of children (encouraged)” on so that it can act against it. In addition, it is aimed towards solving problems of child labor, child themselves originated the voice and opinions, “to tell the civil society” that.