Presenting RIDE’s Sewing Educational Program just for Rural Women

Be ginning 1 st June, 2017, RIDE will establish a Sewing Academic Program for rural women. Selected women from poor families will be enrolled in a 6-month course to develop their tailoring and sewing skills. There will be two teachers, one of who is a non-formal education teacher that will also be teaching the women basic abilities such as reading and writing. Following the course, each woman will receive a certificate of completion from TRIP, giving her the ability apply for a job at an Indian export company. Upon completion of the course, each female will also receive a free sewing machine from the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Our aim is for this course to equip underprivileged ladies with the skills necessary to sustain themselves and to provide a stable income to support themselves and their families. This program can show community members that women are usually positive contributors to society and can be empowered to be the leaders of the household!

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