A Milk Business has growing to some Success Story

Ms. Kuppamal and the Self-Help-Group ladies from Musaravakkam

Around 10 years back RIDE offers started a pilot project using its first Self Help Groups (SHG) in the village Musaravakkam not faraway from Kanchipuram. We have organized meetings, knowledgeable the women and empower them to form units and found their own companies within a Self Help Group Company. Now Musaravakkam has about 4, 000 inhabitants and about 45 of these are organized into 35 self dependent and sustainable SHGs.

One of the most successful SHGs are usually running a milk business unit and is coordinated by Ms. Kuppamal. This particular 65 year old resolute lady and mother of 3 sons can also be responsible as the SHG leader. By making use of RIDE Ms. Kuppamal has been knowledgeable in fields of agriculture and project management. So her SHG could become as one of the most profitable projects within the RIDE women empowerment program.

Together the village women were able to buy qualitative milk cows which give close to 10 liters of milk each day. A part of the fresh milk is offered to the Musaravakkam village people. The other dairy is been supplied to a federal government milk farm in Chennai. The earned money is going to be invested from the women into their family’s income, home keeping and new farm machines for their agricultures.

Recently these hard working people were selected by the NABARD (National Bank to get Agriculture and Rural Development) being an excellent society. For their success the bank are going to commend them with an extra monetary support. RIDE is very proud of this particular SHG as these people could transfer our mission “Educate to Empower” in this great way.

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