About OLAL

“Of Legacies and Legends” (OLAL) is a campaign that aims to solve (eliminate) the child labor problem around the world.

We recognize the right of children to speak out against child labor; to carry out educational activities proactively towards elimination of child labor.

Abolish Child LabourOur Long Term Vision:

● child labor is abolished, society can be oneself, children live freely.
● The children will exercise the right voluntarily, to participate in society.
● The mutual respect for children and adults to understand each other and cooperate as equal partners.

Goal of OLAL (goal)

● to deepen the understanding of the situation the children experience and to learn mutual respect for each other.
● children who are encouraged and empowered to act in accordance with the sense of entitlement.
● understanding of society deepens the rights of children and the child labor problem, citizens take action based on their learning more and more.

Mission of OLAL (activity)

What is the opportunity to children to live in society, such as street children and working children, and expansion of the gap between the rich and the poor, the weak and power relations of adults and children, such as exploitation in the strong regain themselves.

In order for the children aware of the rights and responsibilities of their own, they must be able to exercise it.

Remove the negative legacy handed down from ancestors (Legacies), that children that are bound by a variety of “debt” is, that you build a history to release themselves, win the right to produce a new legend (Legends) to aim.|

Tell the other children the rights and responsibilities, children create a new history, that is the “Children’s historian”, OLOL wants to create “Child error Ju Decatur (Child Educator)”.

● (mainly India) workshops for the promotion of “empowerment of children”
In the workshop, the children have an opportunity to discuss what we can do for other children to learn about the rights and responsibilities of children, you can increase the self-consciousness, was put in a difficult situation. He studied isotropic take photos at the same time, children do a photo shoot of working children. In addition, interviewed for the child to be subject, to record about life on the street and work.

● through events such as photo exhibition, (India, Japan, and countries in) awareness-raising and public opinion aroused on the Rights of the Child and child labor problem
It displays photos a child is taken, published to a variety of people. Knowing about children through pictures, placed in the most difficult situation is the general public, by or to interact, we aim to review the society and their own lives.

● commitment to rehabilitation by artistic means (in India)
to support the opportunity for the purpose of making a place and opportunity which children can carry out the rehabilitation, to learn the art photography, painting, music, and dance. by children living on the street and working children, children who are forced to work as a debt slave to learn the art, to create a work, thereby promoting the economic independence and identity established.

Organization of OLAL

To deploy OLAL is the responsibility of the OLAL Japan and the Secretariat OLAL India.
Our “commitment to social rehabilitation by artistic means”, which is one of the mission of OLAL “school”, Bornfree Art School International (BASI) is established by OLAL India secretariat staff. Along with that, the activities of OLAL India Secretariat, was carried over to BASI.

(: July 2005 in Bangalore, India, ~ sites) activities OLAL India Secretariat
● workshops to learn the rights and responsibilities of children and child labor problem, do a photo shoot to capture the current state of child labor
● photo exhibition held for the purpose of raising awareness on child labor issues

Activities OLAL Japan Secretariat (base: Tokyo, Japan)
● through events such as photo exhibition in Japan, to raise awareness and stimulate public opinion on the Rights of the Child and child labor problem
● cooperation with other organizations to address the child labor problem in Japan
● cooperation to OLAL activities in India

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